Assessments & Problem Solving


Already a customer of, but not seeing the synergy you had expected? Self-implemented and not sure you’ve structured everything correctly? Initial implementation failing or sitting stagnant around you? Having difficulty keeping Users working inside the system? Dashboards not providing you the value you expected. At Cloud2, we do an assessment of your business processes in Salesforce and fix your configuration issues.

Problem Solving

Problem-solving services focus on understanding, planning, clarity, governance, and execution. Our emphasis on flexibility means we quickly jump to where you need us most. We tackle your priorities for quick impact and we run at the pace that works best for the organization. Yes, we have leading best practices and approaches, but it’s not a cookie cutter stringent way because clients need flexibility.

Cloud2 looks holistically at the challenge making sure everything is communicated, integrated and streamlined to ensure the new solution is successful. There are no short cuts when driving the links from strategy to project kick-off to implementation. It’s critical that employees and business platforms are tightly aligned.

Large or small, there’s always a lot riding on the successful completion of a critical project. But a “project” isn’t completed at implementation; it is what happens every step along the way that determines true success.